Public rituals in the Terreiro

Connected to an old tradition in many terreiros in Brazil, we celebrate the festival of the 'Waters of Oxalá' at the beginning of the year.
Friends and guests are welcome to attend the Saida on Sunday.

Saida da Festa dos Orixás 'Águas de Oxalá'

In this camarinha we are immersed in an ancient myth of Oxalá, the ritual structure follows this story in a special way. It tells of being locked up in a cold, dirty dungeon, of being socially isolated, of separation, disconnectedness, power and powerlessness, of the drying up of the world from which the waters withdraw. The myth ends on a hopeful note; the waters flow again and people are reconnected. We are curious to see what questions and spaces of perception this Camarinha holds in store, what needs to be learned, where to look and which forces also reveal themselves in the interplay of the worlds.

Date: Sunday, 5th february 2023
Time: Arrive from 10:30h, begin 11h bis ca. 14h
Place: Terreiro Rosenhof, Stein AR. Getting there >
Dress: Please wear white clothes in this ritual, preferably made of natural fabrics.
Contribution: between 5 and 15 CHF