Saída Águas de Oxalá

At the beginning of the year, many Terreiros in Brazil celebrate the ritual "Águas de Oxalá". The purpose of spiritual purification at the beginning of the year, practiced differently here in Europe according to an ancient tradition, is only part of the focus of this celebration. This ritual is also a recounting of an ancient myth, a story of love and balance between father and son; and so metaphorically between order and law, on the one hand, and devotion and blessing, on the other.

Date: Thursday, January 2nd, 2020
Time: Welcome 2pm, start 2:30pm until 5pm
Location: Terreiro Rosenhof, Stein AR. Itinerary >  
Clothes: In this ritual, please wear white clothes, preferably of natural fabrics.  
Voluntary contribution: We are grateful for a small financial contribution between 5 and 15 CHF.