Public rituals in the Terreiro

Saidas are festive endings to ritual "retreat days" lasting several days, they serve to deepen, honour, thank and celebrate the connection with Entities and Orixás. A Saida is a dense, ritual space, where there is drumming, dancing, singing, sweating, laughing and sometimes crying... In August, we invite you to two such festivals and warmly welcome guests!

Saida Bori dos Caboclos, 7 August 2024
A Bori ritual serves to strengthen and approve the connection with spiritual forces that we call entities. Six filhas and filhos from Bern, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich and Basel are immersing themselves in this initiation time as a 'Barco' community. This connection is deeply enriching; not only for the individual people, but also for the giras in which they work, for the terreiro as a whole and hopefully also for the systems in which these people work in their lives.

Saida Camarinha de Tempo, 10 August 2024
The Orixá 'Tempo' is that force that is connected to time, to time as space, to a time that guards; like a tree that stretches out its branches and in whose shade you can listen to the whispering of the leaves, the singing of the birds or the stories that - coming from near and far - want to be remembered and told. We dedicate our days in the terreiro to learning, singing, questioning and immersing ourselves in the vastness and power of this Orixá and are happy to invite you to the festive Saida. Tempo oiô!

Dates: Wednesday 7th August and Saturday 10th August 2024
Time: Arrive from 10:30h, begin 11h bis ca. 14h
Place: Terreiro Rosenhof, Stein AR. Getting there >
Dress: Please wear light clothes in this ritual, preferably made of natural fabrics.

Upcoming giras at Terreiro

Samstag, 28th September 2024, 14h30
Sonntag, 22th December 2024, 11h