Gira Berlin

Dear guests, we are grateful for the beautiful space that has opened up in the Gutshaus Lichterfelde in a spirit of openness and welcome, tolerance and cordiality for our Giras, and we are happy to continue to participate in it. We are also grateful to all the guests who attend our Giras there and contribute to their success.


If you are interested, please write to us and we will add your name and e-mail address to the mailing list for invitations that we send out prior to each public Gira. After your registration, we will confirm your participation briefly and ask for your understanding that we sometimes limit the number of guests.

By the way, you are also very welcome if you do not know (exactly) what a Gira is. 

Coming Giras 2020 - Wednesdays, 19.45 hrs (admission and welcome from 19.30 hrs):
15. and 29. January
12. February (not public)
26. February - Gira with Iyalorixá Habiba de Oxum and Alabê Cito de Xangô
11. and 25. March
8. and 22. April
6. and 20. May
3. and 17. June
1. July

Participation in the Giras is only possible with prior registration.

Contact: berlin(at)
Coordination: Bettina Grote, Kekerê
Location: Gutshaus Lichterfelde, Hindenburgdamm 28, 12203 Berlin. Arrival >