Public rituals

Giras are public rituals. They are currently held in Graz, Zurich, Berne, Vienna, Berlin and Stein usually fortnightly. They are led by Kekerês on behalf of the Mãe de Santo.

The Giras represent an essential part of the spiritual learning path and by means of voluntary work offer spiritual counselling or spiritual experiential space for guests. Once or twice a year special healing Giras take place, such as Amaci or fumigation Giras.

Assentamentos are prayer and dance rituals without incorporation practice for the purpose of protection, cleansing and centering. They can be applied with or for guests or during the inauguration process.

Assentamentos are currently held regularly in Berlin and Vienna. Festas dos Orixás manifest themselves in the dance of Orixás, their blessing field is then available to the public. Camarinhas or Obrigações are ritual retreats and celebrations that serve spiritual initiation. They only take place for active learners. Often, they are concluded with a festive public Saida.

Here an insight into the individual Giras: