Gira Vienna

Dear guests and friends of Gira Vienna!

Every two weeks on Tuesday evening we celebrate a Gira open to the public. We are pleased to welcome you as a guest to Giras of the lines Caboclos, Pretos Velhos and Marinheiros. We have pleasure to give you advice with ritual prescriptions.


Giras 2024

May 7th - Gira de Caboclos/as

May 28th - Gira de Pretos/as Velhos/as (outdoor)

June 4th - Gira de Caboclos/as

June 18th - Gira de Pretos/as Velhos/as (outdoor)

June 25th - Gira with Mãe de Santo Habiba de Oxum Abaló and Pai Alabé Cito de Xango

July 2nd - Gira de Caboclos/as

September 3rd - Gira de Pretos/as Velhos/as

September 17th - Gira de Caboclos/as

October 1st - Gira de Pretos/as Velhos/as (outdoor)

October 15th - Gira de Caboclos/as

November 12th - Gira de Pretos/as Velhos/as

December 3rd - Gira de Caboclos/as

December 10 th - Gira de Pretos/as Velhos/as

We kindly ask interested guests to register by email. For the Gira we recommend light comfortable clothing.
Time: 07:30 - approximately 09:00 pm (07:15 pm welcoming and information)
Coordination: Co-Kekerês Irmgard Rauch and Claudia Gröger-Klein
Location: Zentrum LA'AKEA,1120 Wien, Aichholzgasse 4. Getting there >