Encounters of North and South

The Orixá tradition, in particular its African roots and their approach of the consequent connection with nature, their dedication to the living, to natural cycles, to the connection with flowing borders between human and more-than human world, are all values that we often painfully miss in today’s society.
Sanzala is our contribution to rediscovering and translating these ancient and profound experiences into today's world. In the form of lectures, small conferences and audio, video and blog contributions, we want to make them accessible and enable a contribution to the challenges that each individual and we as a human community face today.

Sanzala is a Bantu word. It means dwelling. It is also a reminder, a bearer of history, that still effective today and connects us with the complex cultural heritage of Africa, especially the traditions and ways of the Orixás.
Sanzala is a kind of traveling educational institution that invites intellectual learning and discourse in forstered places and special places in soulful nature.
It focuses on the forgotten, suppressed and threatened, but also on the powerful, magical and courageous. On world view, politics, wisdom, science and music. Thinking, listening and being awakened in forums, seminars and travel.

We are people from different countries with different biographies. In common we share the respect for diversity and the determination to create spaces for them. Inside as well as outside. Sanzala is a living happening. We invite you to participate and exchange and are looking forward to your suggestions and contacts. willkommen@sanzala.ch