Gira Graz

Dear guests, friends and interests!


Our next Gira will be a Gira de Pretos Velhos at 16th of March.
We cordially welcome everybody to paticipate.

Bem vindo e muito axé!

Our regular Giras are on Thursdays. We start at 19.45 pm.
Dates in 2023:
January 12th - Gira de Caboclos
January 26th - Gira de Pretos Velhos
February 9th - Assentamento for Yemanja
February 16th - Gira de Pretos Velhos
March 2nd - Gira de Caboclos
March 16th - Gira de Pretos Velhos - Location: Mühlschlössl, Mühlgasse 43, 8020
March 30th - Gira de Caboclos ou Marinheiros
April 13rd - Gira de Pretos Velhos
April 27th - Gira de Caboclos

Location:Mühlschlössl am Volksgarten, Mühlgasse 43, 8020 Grazhow to find us >
If you want to participate we ask for registration in advance per email:
Please make a Covid-19-Test before participating our Gira - Thank you!
Contribution: 7 €
Membership as a supporting member: 20 €/month
Dress: For the Gira we recommend white or light and comfortable clothing.
Coordination: Iya Kekerê Ebomin Friederike Fink