Gira Graz

Dear guests and friends!

Due to this "extraordinary situation" no public rituals and events are taking place.
We maintain our personal Assentamentos and the connection with the Entities and Orixás and wish their powers will support you on your path.You may contact us by email if necessary. Axé!

Giras in Graz are on Thursdays. We start at 19.45 pm.
Our Dates in 2020 are:
09th of jan. - Caboclos
23rd of jan. -  Pretos Velhos
06th of feb. -  Caboclos
27th of feb. -  Pretos Velhos
05th of mar. -  Caboclos
02nd of apr.  -  Assentamento cancelled
30th of apr. - Assentamento  cancelled
Location: Ziegelstraße 6, 8045 Graz. how to find us >
If you want to participate in our giras we ask for registration in advance:
Contribution: 7 €
Membership as a supporting member: 20 €/month
Coordination: Iya Kekerê Ebomin Friederike Fink