Welcome at Terreiro Terra Sagrada

Dear guests, dear friends, dear interested people, esteemed Povo de Santo!

This year our house had its 17th anniversary. It is a great joy and still a small miracle that this tradition, which I and many of our “elders” were fortunate to learn in Brazil over many years, is now developing its ways, its shape and its concrete practice here. Orixás and entities, dance, incorporative trance and ritual are teaching the traveling between the visible and the invisible worlds, as well as they teach the dialogue between cultures! It‘s a pleasure to find people from many different countries within our circle, bringing many different languages ​​and stories with them. How beautiful it is to see that the roda, the circle, the corrente, the xirê are showing us how to join in circles with each other, in all colors.
Welcome here on this website and welcome to our public rituals,
que Oxum nos abençoe,
Iya Habiba

Public Rituals

Saida dos Orixás
13th of August 2023, 11-14h
At the Terreiro in Stein AR
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Regular public giras and rituals Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Graz fortnightly Thursdays 19:45h
Zurich fortnightly Mondays, 19:30h
Stein AR fortnightly Tuesdays, 19:30h
Bern fortnightly wednesdays, 19:30h
Berlin current info see link
Vienna fortnightly Tuesdays, 19:30h

Healing days, Curas
Ritual Healing Days 13 - 16 July 2023, Stein AR