Welcome to Terreiro Terra Sagrada

Rituals dedicated to the forces of nature and our connection to them. Earthbound spiritual life. Healing agency and social commitment in the respect of the plurality of life. All this traditionally belongs to the ways of the Orixás and also to Terra Sagrada, a pioneer Terreiro in German-speaking Europe. Whether you are an initiate or newly interested, everyone is welcome in our house, our Ilê Axé Oxum. Be it to the regular giras in the cities or the upcoming rituals in the Terreiro in Stein.
Mojuba Axé, Iyalorixá Habiba de Oxum

Comming public Rituals
Saida Aguas de Oxalá 2. Jan 2020, Stein AR
Biweekly Giras in Berlin,  Zürich,  Wien,  Graz,  Bern and Stein AR

Healing-Days, Curas, Retreats
Spiritual Retreats 13 - 15 Nov 2019, Stein AR
Ritual Healing Days 9 -12 Jan 2020, Stein AR and Mar 2020 Bahia, Brazil