Network & Friends

The cosmologies of the Orixás see everything visible and invisible permeated by life and sacral powers. They cultivate a spiritual school of the immanence of the divine and belong to the earthbound religious systems. The goal of this spiritual practice is to "live out" the interconnectedness of heaven and earth, of man and nature and their animate destiny.
This includes the bond with those who are committed to the Orixá traditions worldwide or who - quite simply – we like to call our friends.

Moussa Kone artist and publicist from Vienna.
Cooperaxion promotes sustainable development and intercultural exchange along the former slave trade routes. Foundation CH.
Donna Carol Roberts author, filmmaker, lecturer from Pittsburgh.
Kiusam de Oliveira author and artist from Sao Paulo.

If you want to support the Terra Sagrada or the activities of Sanzala, you are welcome to contact us personally at one of the Giras. But there is also the possibility for one-time donations or a constant patron membership in the association Terra Sagrada International. The amounts are freely selectable. For more information please write a mail to:

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