A word on privacy

We welcome every guest - women, men, children - who come to our Giras or healing rituals. Orixa traditions are community cultures with open doors, we value hospitality. We can maintain this tradition here in Europe only if we are in dialogue with guests and the opportunities offered by this tradition are also applied. Therefore, we are very happy if we can send you an email with information now and then.

In the form of a reminder, to be forwarded or to be in contact loosly- that's all right for us. Your data (name, email, if available also the address and telephone number) are stored on a server, to which only the administrators of the Giras have access. WE do not pass your data on to others or use it for other than for information mails.
If you no longer want to receive these mails, you will find a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of every newsletter. If you choose this, we will delete your email address from the newsletter distributor. If you want us to delete your complete contact, please inform us additonally in writing in the "unsubscribe" mail. We will then follow your wishes immediately.

For questions about the handling of your data, we are always available.

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Terra Sagrada International Association
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