The path of learning in an Orixá tradition is a connected world perception, the cultivation of diversity and the conviction of a soulful nature with which we are in immanent dialogue. This attitude flows into life and is more and less noticeable in our professional commitments. Perhaps not quite by chance, many Filhos work in the fields of education, counseling, health and social fields, are committed to ecological and communal ways of life, are musicians, artists, farmers and humanitarian scholars ...


nature&healing  Astrid Habiba Kreszmeier & Hans-Peter Hufenus
Supervision Coaching Beratung  Riki Fink
Craniosacral Therapie & Coaching  Silvia Heller
analog  Konstanze Thomas
Systemische Prozessgestaltung Bettina Grote
Systemische Naturtherapie für Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien  Doris Sinha Weninger
natur-heilpraxis-bern Karin Studer
Zeitgeschichten & Lebenserzählungen Dorothea Kurteu
walkout  Christian Mulle
Therapiezentrum Gersthof  Dr. Isaias Costa
Drachinzeit  Djamila Raunitschka
Atelierhaus Sigmaringer1art  Inga Scharf da Silva
KOGES Trainings  Gerald Schifneg
Du bist das Meer - Cranio Sacrale Energiearbeit Barbara Wörz
drumming & dancing  Sabine Feichtinger
selvacura Remo Ryser


Network & Friends

Moussa Kone artist and publicist from Vienna.
Cooperaxion promotes sustainable development and intercultural exchange along the former slave trade routes. Foundation CH.
Donna Carol Roberts author, filmmaker, lecturer from Pittsburgh.
Kiusam de Oliveira author and artist from Sao Paulo.