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The strict vessel of ecstasy

The principle means of dialogue between the worlds of the visible and the invisible is the incorporation-trance. It is an extraordinary state of consciousness, which arises through dance, and which, if successful, can be a medium of powerful and loving energies. Incorporation is just the path not the goal of the work.

Not just any or random energetic fields are summoned  and incorporated. Through a course of study over several years one can learn to release one’s own or alien spiritual energies which attach themselves into their own proper motion and to build up a connection to protective energies being around freely or being of oneself.  
Although a terreiro has expertise in medial practise and represents it, it is a “strict vessel of ecstasy”. Whereas mediumistic phenomena are usually interpreted as phenomena of the individual nowadays, it tends to respond with an emphasis on a regulative ritual culture of community. A good sense of being rooted in this world, preparedness for responsibility and readiness to draw limits are indispensable requirements for the development of mediumistic  powers in this tradition.