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The passage

Terra Sagrada follows the principles of Orixá traditions which see man as part of nature and nature as expression of divine powers. They came as oral traditions on their grand passage from Africa to America and from there to Europe, but have also travelled back to Africa, being effective as living heritage of mankind.
On this passage this inheritance was not only preserved, but it continues to be developed.
Following panentheistic convictions Orixá traditions believe everything visible and invisible to be permeated by life and divine sparks.

The cults, rituals, dance, songs and incorporation-trance by which the Orixas and entities manifest themselves in a person are a homage to the divine and also a spiritual connection and guidance.

In praise of the Divine
Mankind has been granted access to the Orixás so that people may contribute their part to remember the divine in all that lives and that it may be celebrated.

Integration into a larger whole
Work with the Orixás and entities has an integrating effect, leading to a deepened experience and awareness of belonging and of being carried, promoting a natural ethics of sharing in responsibility.