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The Music at Giras

In what way is sacred music different from mundane music? A Sufi musician would simply answer: he would not play for the people but for god only.

At Terra Sagrada, the situation is somewhat different. Here, the music serves the gods and the people – and many other things.By drum, bell, ganza and singing, the music evokes a certain atmosphere. This atmosphere might be different at each Gira, emerging in the cooperation of the working entities, the composition of the guests, and the inspirations of the musicians. The music supports the Kekerês and the main entities in guiding the ritual. The music calls specific entities (e.g. caboclos, pretos velhos) and orixás (and dismisses them). While guests are visiting the entities, the sound of the music plays an essential role in creating a protected and intimate space. Another important function of the music is the transfer of negative forces.

Finally, as in Sufi tradition, the music of Terra Sagrada is there to honor and dignify devine spirits likewise.

Koordination und Leitung sakrale Musik: Hans-Peter Hufenus, Alabê

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