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To learn the invisible

To embark on a course of initiation is a daring adventure because it comes to demand steps beyond a limit in which we are exposed to what is "living" for an indeterminable span of time with all our being, and in which that which we feel to be control of ourselves slips away. Initiatory learning is learning with the body, which defies the regular logical principles and rules of didactics. However it is conjoined with principles in which many cultures have confided over many epochs.

Initiatory learning requires to be well anchored in oneself. Even though it is salutary, it is no medical cure nor therapy and asks for conscious, responsible decision. Initiation means here to allow oneself to be initiated into the realm of the Orixás and their Entities. It implies to let our thinking and feeling, our perceptions and our actions to be imbued by this realm as by a current constant stream flowing through, and then to embrace the transformation which may begin to take effect with confidence.