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Our daily teachers

The „daily bread“ of ritual practise is the relationship to the „fields of Orí“. These are psychic fields of a “fine-mattered” pneumatic nature. They are permeated by the primary forces of the Orixás, but they are compatible with the discursive consciousness of man.

Thus the incorporations in the realm of "Orí”  appear as spirits, entities, with an individual structure and ability to communicate. These energetic entities, who are traditionally called Caboclos, Preto Velhos, etc. are the essential teachers on the path of the initiate. They also offer themselves as basic spiritual resources to the guests.

It is a great pleasure and honour, that Terra Sagrada is granted the presence of so many nourishing and guiding entities as their realm of manifestation.
The Cabocla Oxitaya and Vo Lucia, the master entities of our house, join in dance with  Cabocla Andajara and Jandira, the Caboclos Ogum Naruê, Yára and Beira Mar, the Caboclos of Xangô, the Caboclos of Oxossi, likewise Guaracy Pandaya and the Pretos Velhos Anna Maria, Maria Cruz, Rosalia, Sebastião and many more.