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The Mystery of the Orixás

Perhaps the idea of dedication is not fashionable these days. Dedication to a mystical dimension of being even less. Yet the Orixás are nothing less than the sacred, the numinous that dwells in the powers of nature. They are principles, formative energies of life, mysteries.

They permeate all things visible and invisible.  Some persons respond to their call or their radiance, their beckoning. To follow this call means to subordinate one’s life and  perceptions to the numinous and to become its servant,  its priestess or priest, its representative in the world. This divine power demands to be studied, to be sensed and to be cultivated. Even if it shall never be wholly understood it calls for a dignified site of epiphany, a place to make its appearance in the realm of manifestations. It wishes to exist in heaven and on earth.
An „Assentamento de Orixá“ is like a wedding. It is the consent to a comprehensive union which does not permit indiscrimination nor half-hearted playing around. It is the agreement to a connection with a spiritual being which will accompany life and dealings in full consciousness. It demands to radiate the blessing of that companion force or to strive for that to happen.
The dedication to a mystery is a process not an act. It is not static. It is a deep inhaling of the power of creation. It demands to pass on the breath-of-life softly.

Terra Sagrada is “inspired” by the blessings of nine Orixás: Xangô, Logunede, Oxum, Iemanjá, Tempo and Obaluaiê, Ossaim, Iansã, Oxalá. What an abundance of grace, to be so close to their epiphanies, their beauty and  their unique energetic presence.