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A path of experiencing and of action

As befitting a mystical school, the power, the insight and the effects of a terreiro  reveal themselves through a definite path including sensory experience, which involves the whole person. A purely intellectual study of the Orixás, is according to tradition, neither desired,  encouraged nor possible, on account of a lack of scripture.

The active involvement in a terreiro ruires an investment of time and commitment, and demands continuous practise in order to master any one of the tasks of the community.
These requirements regulate the access to the Orixá traditions in a natural way, and they limit the size of communities, so that individual responsibility and collective forces are in balance.

In Terra Sagrada  ordained offices exist for the following functions:
ritual and mediumistic practise: Kekerês, incorporation dancers
cooking and nourishment: Yabacé, Sambas
musik and drumming: Alabé, Ogãs
care for the altar and the vestments: Ekêdes, Yalaxés
guardians and services: Cambonas, Kota

A small insight in spiritual practice: a video of our voyage to brasil.
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