A fire in the middle

8 February 2020, 14:00 to ca. 19:00h, Villa Bernau, Wabern, Bern We are happy about inputs from Iyalorixá Habiba Kreszmeier and Alabê Cito Hufenus. Welcome!

Africa in Bern? A search for clues 

What connects Bern with Africa? Why does fire play a central role in this connection? What do the Orixás teach us? What is the contribution to a community culture that is more urgent than ever today? Two keynote lectures form the framework of this afternoon event. In between, we invite you to the warming fires in the courtyard of Villa Bernau. We are looking forward to the colorful crowd of people that will gather around the fire! Welcome, the Gira Bern


Location: Villa Bernau, Wabern, Bern - Seftigenstrasse 243, 3084 Köniz (Wabern bei Bern) Route > 
Contribuição: CHF 30.-
Registration: bern(at)terrasagrada.info
Coordination: Christian Mulle, Kekerê Karin e Gira Bern