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Welcome to Giras in Graz

Dear Guests!
Our last gira this year will be a Gira de Preto Velho at 14th of December and including a smudging ritual.
We cordially welcome everybody to participate getting a personal smudging and to share this celebration of life and natural spirits with us. Bem-vindo!
Giras in Graz are on Thursdays. We start at 19.45 pm.
Dates in 2017:
14th of December
Looking Forward - Dates in 2018:
11. + 25. January
08. + 15. February
08. + 22. March
12. + 26. April
03. + 24. May
14. + 28. June
05. July
If you want to participate in our giras we ask for registration in advance:
E-Mail: graz(at)
Contribution: 7 €
membership fees as supporting member: 20 €/month
Coordination: Iya Ebomin Kekerê Friederike Fink
Location: Ziegelstraße 6, 8045 Graz