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Gira Graz

Dear Guests!
We are having our summer break and are looking forward to our next Gira in autumn. It will be a Gira de Preto Velho at 14th of September.
We cordially welcome everybody to participate and to share this celebration of life and natural spirits with us. Bem-vindo!
Giras in Graz are on Thursdays. We start at 19.45 pm.
Dates in Autumn 2017:
14th of September
21st of September
12th of October
19th of October
09th of November
23rd of November
7th of December
21st of December
If you want to participate in our giras we ask for registration in advance:
E-Mail: graz(at)
Contribution: 7 €
membership fees as supporting member: 20 €/month
Coordination: Iya Ebomin Kekerê Friederike Fink
Location: Ziegelstraße 6, 8045 Graz